Free tools

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As a marketer or small business owner you’re always looking for the best (free) tools that can help you get more value from what you do online. I’ve created tools for you you can use.

Statistical significance calculator

The first is the Statistical significance calculator. You can use it to test if your A/B test was significant. I would always advise you to get to a 99% significance level. If you keep your goal at 95% every 1 in 20 tests will be a false positive. You might keep that version of the A/B test live for months and months and leaving a lot of money on the table or even wasting a lot of cash on it.

I’m currently building a Google SERP preview tool. A few years back the SEO community always said you can use a number of characters for your Title and Description tag but nowadays it’s about pixels. About how wide your title is so it still fits on your screen on mobile.

Google SERP Snippet Preview Tool

When you’re launching a new page you want to see exactly how it looks in search engines. That’s where the Google SERP Snippet Preview Tool comes in. You can test different titles and meta description tags.

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