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Quora is probably the biggest untapped money making machine out there. It receives hundreds of millions of visitors (mostly from Google) per month. Advertising is dirt cheap. I advertise for a few cents per click and get amazing results.

On this page I direct you to different guides I set up about Quora.

My first guide is How to successfully appeal a Quora policy violation.

Oops. Some of my best answers were deleted just like that AND I lost my answering privileges too!!

Quora PPC Guide

I’m going to add a Quora PPC guide next. I think Quora’s PPC campaigns are vastly undervalued. You can get a lot of eyeballs on your answers for not a lot of money.

To get your attention… Check out this screenshot:

12 clicks for a total spent of 4 cents. That’s literally nothing. If you create enough campaigns you can get some volume. To not so nice thing is that you can only get a dozen or so clicks from campaigns like this before Quora’s algorithm decides you’re paying to little and kills your impressions. The nice thing is… Just pause the campaign and enable it again in a week or so. It will start delivering again.

More to come in an extensive guide!

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